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This site is dedicated to showcasing the co-curricular activities of Ashland High School in Ashland, Wisconsin. While we will primarily feature AHS sports teams and individuals, we will also endeavor to include information about other co-curricular activities - such as, but not limited to, band, orchestra, choir and drama. This site is not intended to replace the School District of Ashland's web site - www.ashland.k12.wi.us. Please continue to use that site for general school district information. Our purpose in designing this site is to better organize information and dialogue about co-curricular activities only.

This site features an events calendar, news and information, game results and summaries, photos, videos, and more. However, the site administrator can only do so much. User input is vital to keeping this site current. We invite you to become a registered user of this website, and to submit material for inclusion. You must be registered to make submissions, and all submissions will be monitored and approved by the site administrator before they are posted.

To register, simply click on the "Register" menu item at the top of the page. Even if you decide not to register, we invite you to sign our "Guestbook" and let us know what you think of this website, or suggestions you may have.

To submit a Events Calendar item, click on the "Calendar" button in the Navigation menu. The calendar page will come up. Then, click on the date of your event and the event submission screen will come up. Enter a short title and information about the event, and your e-mail address, then click the "submit" button. Your item will not appear on the calendar until it is approved by the site adminsitrator. You will receive an e-mail notifying you when it has either been approved or denied.

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Spring Sports


Baseball (8-6, 0-4)
Proctor 7, Ashland 6
Hermantown 8, Ashland 5
Dul. Denfeld 2, Ashland 1
Ashland 18, Superior 15
Ashland 13, Greenway 9
Ashland 11, Esko 10
Cloquet 11, Ashland 1
Ashland 7, Hayward 2
Merrill 12, Ashland 6
Antigo 6, Ashland 0
Ashland 3, Northwestern 1
Ashland 6, Chetek-Weyerheauser 1
Ashland 20, Hurley 8
Ashland 3, Rice Lake 1

Proctor 14, Ashland 1
Lakeland 12,15 Ashland 2,2
Drummond 18, Ashland 8
Dul. Denfeld 15, Ashland 0
Cloquet 23, Ashland 1
Hermantown 29, Ashland 0
Hayward 15, Ashland 4
St. Croix Cent. 18, Ashland 16
Barron 25, Ashland 6
Bruce 8, Ashland 2

Girls Soccer (7-4-4, 5-2-1)
Lakeland 3, Ashland 1
River Falls 3, Ashland 0
Ashland 1, Regis-McDonnell 1 (T)
Ashland 3, Northland Pines 3 (T)
Ashland 7, Medford 1
Ashland 3, Baraboo 2
Sun Prairie 8, Ashland 1
Ashland 3, Lakeland 1
Rhinelander 2, Ashland 1
Ashland 7, Mosinee 1
Ashland 10, Antigo 0
Ashland 5, Hayward 1
Ashland 4, Northland Pines 2
Ashland 1, Regis-McDonnell 1 (T)
Ashland 1, Rice Lake 1 (T)

Boys Track
Kero Invitational - 5th
Kraemer Invitational - 3rd
Medford Invitational - 5th
Lake Superior Conf. Indoor - 2nd
Paquette Invitational - 10th
Spooner Invitational - 4th
Simpson Invitational - 4th
No. Pines Indoor Meet - 1st

Girls Track
Kero Invitational - 6th
Kraemer Invitational - 1st
Meford Invitational - 6th
Lake Superior Conf. Indoor - 3rd
Paquette Invitational 9th
Spooner Invitational - 5th
Simpson Invitational - 3rd
No. Pines Indoor Meet - 4th

Reese Memorial - 2nd
LSC Conference - 4th
Hayward Invitational - 12th
Superior Invitational - 10th
Medford Invitational - 3rd
Tomahawk Invitational - 1st
Ashland Invitational - 3rd

Boys Tennis

Ashland 7, Dul. Denfeld 0
Hermantown 6, Ashland 1
Dul. Marshall 4, Ashland 3
Ashland 6, Superior 1
Ashland 7, Phillips 0
Ashland 6, Medford 1
Cloquet 4, Ashland 3
Baldwin-Woodville 6, Ashland 3
Ashland 8, Osceola 1
Ashland 6, Superior 1
Baldwin-Woodville 4, Ashland 3
Ashland 6, Osceola 1
Antigo 4, Ashland 3
Ashland 6, D. C. Everest 1
D.C. Everest Invitational - 1st
Eau Claire Regis 6, Ashland 1

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